Thursday, 13 October 2011

Well edited clip from Top Gear.

I have chosen this clip from BBC's Top Gear becuase of several reasons. Firstly one reason why I prefer this type of cinematypography  because the use of  different camera shots, for example they do extreme close up of the gear stick almost showing that typicality's manliness of changing gears aggressively.Also the tracking cars that follow the main car even that camera used has been purposely made shaky and blurry to exaggerate the pace and excitement of this car. Another use of editing is when it changed of showing the stop motion look of the car to going into details like the engine cover and wheels, they've done this just becuse its anotjher use of swaping scenes. Also when they have the camera on the floor having the car coming and going away exaggerates the pace and danger of this. All along this clip small sections of deatail pop up showing the audience little extras of the car.Futhermore the synthetics of this have been editied fore example on the gowing and coming shot of the car the enhancement of the camera has been edited to make it look darker and blurry for speed. Also they put a dark blur around the frame for the same reasons.

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