Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Diffrent sounds for film intro.

Songs or Music
 I chose this because this is part of the role of genre's this is love of romance. This could be part of our film intro say in a slow motion action packed clip.

I have chosen this clip for the same reasons for example a chase scene or action scene.

I have chosen this for say a cliff hanger or the screen titles of the short clip.

Sound Effects

running foot steps even in a enclosed area of running up steps for example.

gun shots.

door openings.

computing sounds.

heart beat.

end result of a cliff hanger.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Opening Film Analysis- Black Sheep Movie


In the fisrt scene of this clip we see that it has been  set in the rural areas, say Welsh sheep farms or New Zealand lamb this immediatly gives thee audience a clue to what is to come. Then the audience finds some more infomation from the tiltles in slighty jokey or uniformail way. After this we discover what seems to be the main actors and what they have as a role. For exapmlple the first character to see looks to be far away from the other charcter (physial distance wise) maybe becuse of emotions that will later be uncoverd or maybe general issues that the audience will link with later on. On the next scene a non diagetic sound has then been added to shwo  mystical  or a horror theme sound. Futhermore to go onto the next scene the audience experinces flashes suggesting a flash back or memory. The non diagetic sounds add to the clip to make it work better with the images.

Opening Scene Analysis- I Am Legend Trailer


The opening to this is urban abounded New York City. In which the audience can immediately tell that it has somehow been evacuated and destroyed by time. In this first opening scene its all CGI (computer generated imagery) and depicts a story  already to the audience by he way cars have been generated to look like and evacuation and time  has stood still. This has been used to draw the audience in and leave them on a cliff hanger. In all of these shots they're all extreme wide angled shots to show the true extent of the situation. Up to 30 seconds of this clip are just showing the damage and abounded situation the worlds most famous city has become for a unknown reason. After these shots the camera picks up the only living movement in the city, before we even see the car we here the no diagetic sound of the cars roar. The camera the zooms into to a tracking car being the only living thing in the city (predictions by the audience). When on the next shot its a zoom in again but the camera is shaking due to the car showing the power and authority this one lone man has in the abandoned city. On the mise en scene in the next shot its almost like a figure of speech when the rebel car drives past the old crippled police station and cars.

Well edited clip from Top Gear.


I have chosen this clip from BBC's Top Gear becuase of several reasons. Firstly one reason why I prefer this type of cinematypography  because the use of  different camera shots, for example they do extreme close up of the gear stick almost showing that typicality's manliness of changing gears aggressively.Also the tracking cars that follow the main car even that camera used has been purposely made shaky and blurry to exaggerate the pace and excitement of this car. Another use of editing is when it changed of showing the stop motion look of the car to going into details like the engine cover and wheels, they've done this just becuse its anotjher use of swaping scenes. Also when they have the camera on the floor having the car coming and going away exaggerates the pace and danger of this. All along this clip small sections of deatail pop up showing the audience little extras of the car.Futhermore the synthetics of this have been editied fore example on the gowing and coming shot of the car the enhancement of the camera has been edited to make it look darker and blurry for speed. Also they put a dark blur around the frame for the same reasons.

Monday, 10 October 2011

How sound is used in the Hurt Locker movie

In this first scene the  audio that the audience hear is the sound of a middle eastern call to pray this immediately gives the audience were it is set and the location. The next audio that we can he is the non diagetic sound of a heart beat which gives the audience and creates tension and atmosphere.In this same scene we can here the controlls of the robot bomb disposer being clicked and used this is also used to create tension and to make the audience feel involved. Also with this we can hear the sounds that the robot makes to again feel involved. In the next scene we can hear the male actor speaking for the first time, with this we know that this character is nervous and tense this is because they way he slowly and cautiously talks. When the next two characters are talking its sound has been used to patriotically emphasise the America Royal Marines in which when they pat each other it is loud and exaggerated to show there "macho" presence".

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

G.I. Joe Movie Tralier

I had no sound when doing this so i havent commented on it.

 Firstly in this intro we see who the film is made by and produced by these all use fade in intros, to gives presence and and typicality's which the audience will already know from other media uses.In the first scene or intro of this clip we see a fade away shot into darkness which gives the mood of a mystical and dark atmosphere, this is good because it gives no indication to the audience. The first scene that we actually see is a underwater city type creation, this immediately gives the audience that it has been set in the future and also the way the camera pans up from the dark abyss to the wonders of the future city. Also what helps this is the ideas of future underwater transport all these combined gives the audience a visual anchor. When this section ends it also ends with a fade away edited and the next scene to be seen is the pan shot(which originally was a crab shot) into a pan up to a character, the audience can once again realise that this character has power and authority,also in the  shot its intensivly dark in the mise en scene. In the next two to three shots it is made clear to the audience that this character is powerful and is the "baddy" also in all shot he is physically higher up that other people (due to them sitting down and him standing above them having the authority). In the next couple of scenes all of them mostly involve CGI this is used to emphasise the modern day era which we have no idea about. Most of these shots all include some sort of weapon or mass destruction weapon this has been used to show to the audience that these characters are "evil". When these shots end the all have a brief 1 or 2 second interval of nothing or a black screen this is use to increse tensionad atmosphere almost like "what can possibly be done next". on the next shot which involves the eifel tower it is a ow pan shot or crab shot this has been used for many reasons including the fact that in all shot if the main feature is high up in the shot it is of some importance and power so when this shot is used its almost like they have no control over it.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Preliminary Task

The preliminary task makes up 10% of your final A Level Media grade.
There are three requirements that are needed to pass, these are:

1) Match on action (continuity editing) - This is how you make an action flow smoothly from one shot to another in the same sequence of events, for example using camera editing software or using asic camera blur movement. Whilst some action is taking place, if you want more than one shot to show this, you use continuity editing, this is where you pick up the action in a different shot where you left off in the previous shot this is manly used in action shots. For example you see someone going to open a door, they open it, then from a different door the camera is placed inside (to give a different perspective) but the audience are none the wiser to knowing it came from a different location, and the scene continues.

2) Obey the 180 degree rule - This rule means that only half of the scene can be shot, the camera's must all be positioned behind one imaginary line that divides the camera from the action. If not, apparently this disorientates the audience.

3) Shot/ Reverse shot convention (convention for dialogue) - This is where a shot is shown on one side and repeated on the other, it must be used in the preliminary task. It is usually used as an other the shoulder shot or a P.O.V shot. Commonly, it is used in a conversation to connect the audience with the conversation.

How is ethnicity represnted in this scene of Spooks?

This scene begins with a crane shot or "fly on the wall" shot to show the true extent of this certain scene. This is also good in all sorts of media beacuse when a scene starts it is good to have a camera shot which can relate to the audeince to show what is happening without anythig taking place. Going back to this scene at the start it is difficult for the audience to detect any ethnicity due to the room being very dark and gloomy, also this is made worse by the lack of personal or close up camera shots, this has also been used to set a tone of mood for what is to come. There can be certain ways in which crane shots are used in this example it has been used to show the distance and disconnectivity of the characters.
The next shot to be seen is the main role leading character we know this by how the camera movement slowly moves up from a crab shot  to tilting towards the head of the character emphasisng the power and authority this character has. On the next shot we can clearly see the diffrence between powers and enthnicity we know this by how the captives are physically lower down ( tied by chairs) we shows that they are in a much more diffrent place and social class to the main role leading character. The way that the camera dipicts this is when all charcters are in mise en scene it isnt just a crane shot, but a shot which has the lower class charcters in the forground and powerfull leader in the background allmost menasing over them.
What aslo helps this is when the camtives are on shot the camera goes shaky and unevan emphasisng the woried and scared charcters.