Monday, 19 September 2011

Analysing how diffrent shot types and movement to show meaning to the audience.
The first scene to be observed  is a wide angle shot which shows the typical suburbs of London, which makes the audience feel the excitment and bustle of the program and London. It is then fast fowarded to exagerate the vibrantsy and pace. The scene or mise en scene is then quickly changed to the image of the first character at the top of the stairs which immediatly makes the audience feel that this character has presence and authority, also the fact that he is well dressed helps the audiences image and thoughts of the charter. How the camera then moves up or pans up towards the character which creates the seem thoughts.
On the second shot or blurred intro shows the camera moving from the charcter at the top of the stairs to then the other characters on the floor below, which creates the feeling again that those characters are the workers or have less authority. The panning between characters exaggerates the pace and quickness of the action or scene.