Thursday, 13 October 2011

Opening Scene Analysis- I Am Legend Trailer

The opening to this is urban abounded New York City. In which the audience can immediately tell that it has somehow been evacuated and destroyed by time. In this first opening scene its all CGI (computer generated imagery) and depicts a story  already to the audience by he way cars have been generated to look like and evacuation and time  has stood still. This has been used to draw the audience in and leave them on a cliff hanger. In all of these shots they're all extreme wide angled shots to show the true extent of the situation. Up to 30 seconds of this clip are just showing the damage and abounded situation the worlds most famous city has become for a unknown reason. After these shots the camera picks up the only living movement in the city, before we even see the car we here the no diagetic sound of the cars roar. The camera the zooms into to a tracking car being the only living thing in the city (predictions by the audience). When on the next shot its a zoom in again but the camera is shaking due to the car showing the power and authority this one lone man has in the abandoned city. On the mise en scene in the next shot its almost like a figure of speech when the rebel car drives past the old crippled police station and cars.

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