Wednesday, 5 October 2011

G.I. Joe Movie Tralier
I had no sound when doing this so i havent commented on it.

 Firstly in this intro we see who the film is made by and produced by these all use fade in intros, to gives presence and and typicality's which the audience will already know from other media uses.In the first scene or intro of this clip we see a fade away shot into darkness which gives the mood of a mystical and dark atmosphere, this is good because it gives no indication to the audience. The first scene that we actually see is a underwater city type creation, this immediately gives the audience that it has been set in the future and also the way the camera pans up from the dark abyss to the wonders of the future city. Also what helps this is the ideas of future underwater transport all these combined gives the audience a visual anchor. When this section ends it also ends with a fade away edited and the next scene to be seen is the pan shot(which originally was a crab shot) into a pan up to a character, the audience can once again realise that this character has power and authority,also in the  shot its intensivly dark in the mise en scene. In the next two to three shots it is made clear to the audience that this character is powerful and is the "baddy" also in all shot he is physically higher up that other people (due to them sitting down and him standing above them having the authority). In the next couple of scenes all of them mostly involve CGI this is used to emphasise the modern day era which we have no idea about. Most of these shots all include some sort of weapon or mass destruction weapon this has been used to show to the audience that these characters are "evil". When these shots end the all have a brief 1 or 2 second interval of nothing or a black screen this is use to increse tensionad atmosphere almost like "what can possibly be done next". on the next shot which involves the eifel tower it is a ow pan shot or crab shot this has been used for many reasons including the fact that in all shot if the main feature is high up in the shot it is of some importance and power so when this shot is used its almost like they have no control over it.

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