Monday, 10 October 2011

How sound is used in the Hurt Locker movie
In this first scene the  audio that the audience hear is the sound of a middle eastern call to pray this immediately gives the audience were it is set and the location. The next audio that we can he is the non diagetic sound of a heart beat which gives the audience and creates tension and atmosphere.In this same scene we can here the controlls of the robot bomb disposer being clicked and used this is also used to create tension and to make the audience feel involved. Also with this we can hear the sounds that the robot makes to again feel involved. In the next scene we can hear the male actor speaking for the first time, with this we know that this character is nervous and tense this is because they way he slowly and cautiously talks. When the next two characters are talking its sound has been used to patriotically emphasise the America Royal Marines in which when they pat each other it is loud and exaggerated to show there "macho" presence".

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