Tuesday, 4 October 2011

How is ethnicity represnted in this scene of Spooks?

This scene begins with a crane shot or "fly on the wall" shot to show the true extent of this certain scene. This is also good in all sorts of media beacuse when a scene starts it is good to have a camera shot which can relate to the audeince to show what is happening without anythig taking place. Going back to this scene at the start it is difficult for the audience to detect any ethnicity due to the room being very dark and gloomy, also this is made worse by the lack of personal or close up camera shots, this has also been used to set a tone of mood for what is to come. There can be certain ways in which crane shots are used in this example it has been used to show the distance and disconnectivity of the characters.
The next shot to be seen is the main role leading character we know this by how the camera movement slowly moves up from a crab shot  to tilting towards the head of the character emphasisng the power and authority this character has. On the next shot we can clearly see the diffrence between powers and enthnicity we know this by how the captives are physically lower down ( tied by chairs) we shows that they are in a much more diffrent place and social class to the main role leading character. The way that the camera dipicts this is when all charcters are in mise en scene it isnt just a crane shot, but a shot which has the lower class charcters in the forground and powerfull leader in the background allmost menasing over them.
What aslo helps this is when the camtives are on shot the camera goes shaky and unevan emphasisng the woried and scared charcters.

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