Thursday, 13 October 2011

Opening Film Analysis- Black Sheep Movie

In the fisrt scene of this clip we see that it has been  set in the rural areas, say Welsh sheep farms or New Zealand lamb this immediatly gives thee audience a clue to what is to come. Then the audience finds some more infomation from the tiltles in slighty jokey or uniformail way. After this we discover what seems to be the main actors and what they have as a role. For exapmlple the first character to see looks to be far away from the other charcter (physial distance wise) maybe becuse of emotions that will later be uncoverd or maybe general issues that the audience will link with later on. On the next scene a non diagetic sound has then been added to shwo  mystical  or a horror theme sound. Futhermore to go onto the next scene the audience experinces flashes suggesting a flash back or memory. The non diagetic sounds add to the clip to make it work better with the images.

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