Monday, 19 March 2012

2nd draft feedback.

"I think the typography was positioned very well however you should consider changing the font."
My role in our group was sound and a small part in typography. We debated as a group the many different positioned that could be used for our typography and colour etc. In our final edit we have made some alterations to the positioning. The overall thoughts on the typography is that we have achieved what was written down on the story board and is a basic view of our groups skills of editing

"I think the music suited it very well. However I think it should have been synced to the motion a little better."  the chosen music for the film and the chase scene was Pendulum Encoder my part of our group was sound, this resulted by me choosing the song, i chose it because i thought it suited the fast paced chase scene. However now that we have done the first draft i would prefer to put more edits of sounds tracks in, this is only due to it only being one song and sounding basic. It will only give us the editing points if we were to put more in.

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