Thursday, 3 November 2011


Below are possible fonts for our film opening, which we have decided to call "Full Time". I have decided to choose fonts that do not have curls on each letter, signifying the action packed theme of our piece, also connoting how it won't be pretty. Our target audience is men, therefore I believe they'd be more attracted to a blunter font.

Full Time – Accord Heavy SF
Full Time – Superfly SF
Full Time - Blatant
Full Time – Crazy loot btn inline
Full Time – Folio XBd BT
Full Time gf ordner normal
Full Time – goudy stout
Full Time – maximus bt
Full Time – Modern735 BT
Full Time – Orbit-B BT
Full Time - stencil
Full Time - Papyrus
Full Time - Punk Kid
Full Time – Super Black SF
Full Time – Undercurrent BTN
Full Time – Vineta BT
Full Time – WC ROUGHTRAD Bta
Full Time – Wide Latin
Full Time Zap
Full Time – Zolano Serif BTN

Note: These fonts can only be seen if on a computer with Microsoft Word 2007 installed.
By Micheal Roberson in charge of tiles and typography

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